Sharmaine- (mother of David, Jody and Luanne)

I have three children and Teacher Mae has inspired all of them. All three - David, Jody and Lulu - had the fortune of enjoying  art classes with Teacher Mae when they were pre-schoolers. Their final pieces of art, beautifully and carefully worked on, are certainly worthy of hanging in the family home; but in observing Teacher Mae, it is clear that the journey to producing each masterpiece is just as important as the destination. 

Unlike some other art teachers who want their students to adopt the copy-and-paste approach, she takes a consultative approach from the start. She shows great respect for the child's opinion, asking them what they wish to express on the canvas, and for each child's skill level so they feel supported and enthusiastic, never fearful or inferior.

Each piece of art work is therefore an expression of my child's inner world, which Teacher Mae expertly draws out and helps my child to render on canvas by teaching them new skills. They are always delighted by their art works, and my youngest Lulu is so inspired she aspires to be an art teacher just like Teacher Mae.