Bliss - (mother of Riley)

Riley has been learning art with Teacher Mae since he was 5 years old. He initially started lessons with her at pre-school and when he moved on to primary school, he started having individual lessons with her. From developing an early interest in art as a pre-schooler to delving into drawing and painting techniques in the past couple of years, Riley has certainly learnt a lot from Teacher Mae.

As an art educator, Teacher Mae plans for her student's exposure to and experience in art according to the individual needs  of her students. Riley has certainly benefitted greatly from her knowledge and sense of aesthetics. Beyond the technical, Teacher Mae also exhibits a great deal of patience in dealing with children and she has been nothing but adept in handling the moodiness and restlessness Riley occasionally demonstrates.

The one hour Riley spends with Teacher Mae each week go beyond mere lessons as it gives him a platform to focus and create. Teacher Mae's guidance on art and beyond also give him an alternate point of view on learning. Art lessons have certainly become a part of Riley's life!